Time of day skiing...what?

Spring is finally here, although you can't tell by the tons of snow at Kimberley Nordic...but it is that time of year that the temperatures outside are below zero at night and above zero in the day. That effects our cross country skiing more than normal and those in the know use it to their advantage. Here's how it works. Overnight temps make the snow harder and faster earlier in the day. And as mid-day comes around and if the sun comes out, the snow gets softer...and slower. So those in the know, know that skiing earlier in the day is better, firmer snow, faster conditions and better glide. Classic and skate both. The staff in the kiosk say generally skiing before 1:00pm is usually better,

Spring Break...come skiing...mid winter conditions and tons of snow.

March Break !! Looking for something to do? Come skiing ! Mid-winter conditions...and sunshine. Monday March 20th, The sun is shining brightly on Kimberley Nordic, The termperature is -6C, the snowcat is grooming, the lodge is spiffy clean and all is well. If you're not working come up and stretch those muscles while getting your dose of vitamin D. Just like yesterday, this morning the fresh groomed sugar snow will be terrific. There is still a fine base of snow and the groomer are up to extending the season and keeping you happy! Classic tracks are fantastic and the skate skiing is firm and fast. If you haven't obtained your new Visitor Guides & Trail Map, best get one. They are free. Pick

Gourmet Ski Day

Saturday March 11th- It might be foggy down below but its sunny up here!. 0 degrees and mostly clear skies.. the big ol sno cat groomer was out all morning and all the main trails are groomed including Cardiac.. Secondary trails are fluffy and snowy as of yet.. Skate and classic tracks are in prime condition. We are hosting the annual Gourmet Ski this afternoon from 3-7 so it will be busy later in the day as well. The event is SOLD OUT again this year, as always, and is definitely one of the fixtures of the Kimberley Nordic Club event schedule. Even if you don't have a ticket it is still well worth while to get out and witness this great event. Happy skiing and eating to everyone involved.

Will this snow ever stop...hope not...lol.

Friday March 10th- wow! It's Snowmaggeden!! The KNC received 14cm of snow overnight and it is still snowing! The temp is -3 with no wind. Right now they are just packing down the 3.2km loop and then will try to set the skate ski lane and one set of outer tracks for the 3.2km loop. Come on up and get fresh tracks through 14cm of snow. Very serene and a great snow depth to enjoy fresh tracks. Take advantage of our extended season and keep on getting that great exercise! Keep in mind that Sunday is another Full Moon and the night skiing is phenomenal when the full moon in shining her brilliance! Winter is still here officially so come on up and enjoy it! -terri Thank You to all of the groomers

Sticky time of year...here's help.

Snow at this time of year can be very sticky. It is a little harder to wax now although we do not have klister or icey conditions yet. Nowax skis, those with teeth or fishscales or those skis with skins on the bottom usually work quite well at this time of year but they can sometimes ice up on the grip area. The very simple solution is to use any liquid glide wax on the teeth or on the skin area. This greatly reduces the risk of iceing and also improves the glide of your skis too. Most wax companies make a product just for this purpose. Liquid rub on, very easy to use. Don't let the stickies keep you from enjoying your skiing at this time of year. The way the weather is going we should be sk

Alex Harvey Wins Gold at 50 km at World Championships

LAHTI, Fin.—Alex Harvey was crowned the King of cross-country skiing after winning the prestigious men’s 50-kilometre skate cross-country skiing event to close out the 2017 World Championships in Lahti, Finland on Sunday. “This is amazing. When I won the 15 kilometre classic race in Ulriceham I said it was the "man's race," but this is the real man's race winning the 50 kilometre. It is the greatest race of my life,” said Harvey. The 28-year-old Harvey exercised his race tactics to perfection while clocking a winning time of one hour, 46 minutes, 28.9 seconds in the Nordic marathon. “It was a perfect day for me. The conditions were so fast and I knew that would play into my favour. I was fig

Slopes for Hope...great day to ski !

Saturday March 4th- WOW... 11 cm of new snow up here! Its a heavy snow and its fairly windy at plus 1 degrees and partly sunny , partly cloudy, partly snowing ..you name it ..were getting it weather wise! The Sno cat groomed main runs this morning and the Ginzu is going out now to set secondary trails.Check out the live grooming report for trail details! ! SLOPES FOR HOPE is here today raising awareness and funds for cancer ..say hi to the skiers with the bibs on!

Mid Winter Conditions...this IS March isn't it?

Thursday March 2nd - Mid Winter Conditions!! All the main trails were groomed this morning. There is a skiff of fluffy snow covering the trails but reports today from both skate and classic skiers are that the conditions are excellent! The temp. was -4C at 9am but is now 1C with light flurries and no wind. Check out the live grooming report for trail details! ! Come on up and make the most of these great trails, Don't forget to enjoy the lodge equipped with refreshments and a fire. Pack a snack or lunch and stay awhile! And for a real treat, come out and experience the serenity of our fully lit night skiing loop which is 3.2 km in length and perfect for an evening ski for any ability level.

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