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Ski Orienteering

The KNC is excited to offer ski orienteering! Ski orienteering combines the physical challenge of skiing with the mental challenge of navigation. It is a great way to explore new terrain and have fun in the snow.

Ski Orienteering is a fun combination of skiing, map reading and route finding - a different way to explore the trails at KNC. For more than a decade, the Kimberley Nordic Club has partnered with the Kootenay Orienteering Club to bring Ski Orienteering to our community.


New for this Season - you can experience Ski O whenever you want, on your own time, for no extra cost.  A permanent course is set up that will change every few weeks. Simply go to the Kiosk and ask for a Ski Orienteering map.  If you have never orienteered before, there is also a Ski Orienteering Guide that you can quickly refer to before you set out. That guide will tell you all you need to know.

Try out Ski O recreationally on your own, ski it with your family to enjoy a day out on the trails together, or, if you want to go that one step up - challenge your friends or friendly rivals.


Go to Kootenay Orienteering for further details, registration, and other year-round activities.


Groups are more than welcome to try Ski O during their visit to the KNC.  We just ask that you let us know your plans in advance so that we have plenty of maps set aside.  Please email us to make arrangements.

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