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Trail Etiquette

Direction of Travel: always stick to the right on two-way trails. If on-coming skiers are both using the centre lane, they should each move to the right and/or step into the classic track when passing

Passing: Overtaking skiers should step out of the track into the centre lane to pass. It is good practice to say “on your left/right” before passing to alert the slower skier

Right of Way: downhill skiers have the right of way. Uphill skiers should move to the right and/or step into the classic track to provide clear passage for downhill skiers

Ski Tracks: never skate or herringbone on classic tracks. Uphill skiers should always herringbone in the centre lane. If you notice debris in the tracks, please clear it if possible. If you fall on a classic track, please repair any damage to the track before moving on

Trail Signage: always read and obey trail signage. Signs are in place to provide a safe experience for all skiers

Snow Shoeing: snow shoers should always walk on the far right of the groomed trail, to the right of the classic tracks. Snow shoers should never walk directly over ski tracks and must yield to skiers

Rest Breaks: if stopping due to a fall or to chat with other trail users, skiers should move off the trail as soon as possible and allow other skiers to pass

Hills: never stop to rest at the bottom of a hill or in a blind corner. Provide as much reaction time as possible for downhill skiers

Ski in Control: always ski to your ability. If you are skiing too fast, take the necessary steps to slow down and remain in control. If you need guidance on how to stay in control, private and group lessons are available. Please speak to our kiosk team to learn more

Groups: always pass in single file when skiing in groups. On-coming skiers and faster skiers approaching from behind should always have clear passage. Groups of classic skiers should always ski single file within the tracks

Emergency Procedures: please become familiar with our emergency procedures before leaving the stadium area. They are posted outside the lodge and wax hut

Litter: pack out what you pack in. These are your trails, please help us keep them clean

Trail Pass: visitors must purchase and display a trail pass at the ticket kiosk before skiing. Club members are asked to show their pass to staff as they pass the kiosk building

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