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Ski at School Program

Students learn the basics of this life-long winter activity from qualified, experienced coaches who weave together fun-filled games, ski play, and time on the trails. Kimberley Nordic's Ski at School Program is offered Monday thru Friday for a wide range of ages. Rental equipment is available for students grades 2 to 4.

  • 1 hour Lesson for 1-10 students: $55/instructor

  • 2 hour Lesson for 1-10 students: $90/instructor

  • Student trail pass: $5.50/person

  • Student rental: $10.50/person

  • Adult chaperone trail pass: $10.50/person

  • Adult chaperone rental: $10.50/person

We can accept up to a maximum of 30 students per session with rentals for up to 15 students. Bus transportation is not available.

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