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Free registration is available until Feb. 28. Click on the link below!


KNC is hosting the first-ever “Nordic Fest” to celebrate nordic skiing in its many forms. This fun day on snow is a public celebration of skiing to bring our nordic community together. This full day of activities will include a wide range of activities for the public young and old. Everyone between ages from 4 - 84 can participate and rental gear is available to get newcomers on snow. 


Thanks to a viaSport Winter Spirit Grant, all activities are FREE and include a complimentary trail pass for non-members if you sign up using this form! Trail fees apply to all other users.


  • Salomon Demon Day: The public can try a range of new equipment, learn about different varieties and buy gear from local retailers who will be onsite.

  • Ski Orienteering: The day starts with a ski orienteering event, which allows skiers of different ages to follow a mapped course through the trails. 

  • BBQ Lunch: Fundraiser for junior rental skis with burgers and hot dogs.

  • Kids Relays: In the afternoon, there are Bavarian Relays for kids 4-12. These station activities encourage new skiers to work their way through a variety of fun activities on skis with their peers. Rentals will be available for kids who are new to nordic skiing. 

  • Adult Lessons: Adults who are new to skiing will be able to get complimentary rentals and trail passes and try a lesson with a certified instructor. 

  • Interpretive Ski: Families who are interested in nature can join an interpretive forest ski on the quiet single track trails. 

  • Wax Clinic: Join our head coach to learn more about getting the most out of your skis.


Plus: There will be music, local sports retailers, grooming equipment on display, and a bonfire for marshmallow roasting.