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KNC is hosting the second-ever “Nordic Fest” to celebrate nordic skiing in its many forms. This fun day on snow is a public celebration of skiing to bring our nordic community together. This full day of activities will include a wide range of activities for the public young and old. Everyone between ages from 4 - 84 can participate. Trail fees apply to all users. Registration closes on March 10, 2022.


It is our goal to make this an accessible event, so we have kept registration fees at $10 for each event. All proceeds from the events and auction will go towards the KNC Fundraiser.

  • Classic Ski Loppet (10km - 9:45am start or 3km - 10:00am start): This is a fun, sociable ski event for all ages and abilities with 3km or 10km classic ski courses. This is not a formal race, although the event is timed and many skiers challenge themselves to ski as fast as possible in an atmosphere of friendly competition. Other skiers may take a more leisurely approach, enjoying the scenery and socializing en route. 3km and 10km course maps are available here.

  • Adult Lessons (12:00pm start): Adults who are interested in improving their technique can choose from a range of 1 hour lessons in skate and classic technique with our KNC CANSI certified instructors.

  • Ski Orienteering (1:30pm start): Ski orienteering is a chance to test both your skiing and navigating skills as you choose your route between checkpoints. There is are 3km, 6km and 10km courses available using a range of double track and single track trails. This is a fun event for all ages and skill levels for both individual and team entries including a special category for families. 

  • Introduction to Biathlon (45 min. time slots from 10:00am-2:30pm): Come join us at the biathlon range to hit the bullseye! All are welcome to learn the basics and then try two shooting sessions.

  • Interpretive Ski (3:00pm start): Families who are interested in nature can join an interpretive forest ski on the quiet single track trails. 

Plus: There will be music and grooming equipment on display.

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