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Sticky time of's help.

Snow at this time of year can be very sticky. It is a little harder to wax now although we do not have klister or icey conditions yet.

Nowax skis, those with teeth or fishscales or those skis with skins on the bottom usually work quite well at this time of year but they can sometimes ice up on the grip area.

The very simple solution is to use any liquid glide wax on the teeth or on the skin area. This greatly reduces the risk of iceing and also improves the glide of your skis too.

Most wax companies make a product just for this purpose. Liquid rub on, very easy to use.

Don't let the stickies keep you from enjoying your skiing at this time of year. The way the weather is going we should be skiing into April this year. Keep your fingers crossed and happy spring skiing.

Teeth or fishscale skis on the left and the skin skis with the yellow patch.

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