Skiing is Getting Better.

Pictures from Angela, Kiosk Staff. Thanks as always. Skiing conditions are getting better at KNC. It is no longer icey and slick. Some amounts of snow have fallen over the week and grooming has been done. We sometimes only need small amounts of snow to make a fairly big difference in skiing conditions. Kimberley Nordic Racers, Track Attack skiers and Masters have all been out skiing lots this week. Most skiers are reporting conditions fair to good on most trails. The Jackrabbit program starts this weekend and of course is a go. Thursday Nov. 30th. Copied from the Update on the Live Grooming Report. Reports are that skate is good and classic is fair. Trapline, Landsem and Spruce trails are st

NEW ! KNC Web Cam...LIVE.

Kimberley Nordic Club has just taken another step in providing members with more information about the ski conditions at KNC. We have just installed a LIVE Web Cam with the help of new Board Member Tony Hetu and Derm Kennedy (and maybe others that should credit too). Thank you for your efforts for KNC. Always appreciated. The LIVE Web Cam is mounted at the top of the chalet peak and looks out over the area in front. Good view. It is Live Streaming, you can look for your freinds. It also has a Night Vision Enchancement, check it out. Sorry to say but right now the Cam shows a long mud patch across the area. Remember to hope for more snow this week. This is the link to the Web Cam and it is no

Saturday Morning...Open Again...but a Little Limited. Be Careful out there..

OPEN.!! Our industrious Ginzu groomer has been out yesterday and this morning to groom the "firm" base and has scarified the skate track somewhat and set a 5 km classic single track loop. Skiers have been out and are reporting " hard and fast" conditions but skiable. With the colder overnight temps we are hanging into most of our base... but everyone out there do your snow dance !! Just a bit of snow will bring us back into good shape. It is currently 1c degree, high overcast with sunny breaks and an intermittent breeze. Note- there will be some snowmobile traffic on the trails as we are building a hut at the Biathlon range for the biathlon club. Check out the website for more info. The lod

Still for Hoping More Snow...Skiing not Great.

Sometimes KNC is not sure what to do about recommending skiing for our members. It got warm, got soft, froze up and is now icey. Skiing conditions are not good. You can ski but it is not for beginners. The snow is thin is some areas and the classic tracks are fast and slippery. Skate skiing can be OK but only for the experienced. Ski at your own risk. Everyone, cross your fingers for more snow...and we will do our best to groom what we have and make it skiable if we can. We will of course tell you when it gets better. Always check the Live Grooming Reports for the grooming report but also for the Kiosk Staff Comments, updated everyday. Thanks, KNC.

Temporary Trail Closure.

Rain, rain go away. Come again another maybe April. Hi all, I have talked with Wayne Gilbert and decided we should temporarily close the trails until further notice i.e. conditions cool down and we get some fresh snow. I think we should save what little base we have. Night time temperatures were above zero last night and the snow base is very soft. Temperatures tonight should drop somewhat but we all need to keep our fingers crossed. The daytime temperatures may be around zero for the next couple of days...and then we will need some more snow. Check the Live Grooming Report for a report from the Kiosk staff. I know this will be disappointing to many but hopefully it is just a few

Skiing This Last Weekend was Stellar.

Coach Frank was of course out training with a number of young athletes this past weekend. Here is a picture of two of the athletes from the top of the New Upper Landsem trail with the great view behind. Great skiing for classic and skate both days this weekend, more than a few Larch needles to be seen. A little snow, 5 cm, came Monday morning to help out cover them. Grip skis and Skin skis are working great these days. Grip waxing was a little tricky over the weekend. Skate skiing was firm and steady. A little warmer this week. Keep your fingers crossed we don't keep much rain and then it will be turning colder starting through the weekend, followed by more snow as the week goes on. I have

Upper Landsem...New Trail...Good Climb...GREAT Views...Come and See.

Kimberley Nordic has now been open and groomed for skiing since Nov. 3rd, 2017. Crazy. New trail work has been done this year including this gem, Upper Landsem, a new cut trail going up off Landsem towards Moe's Canyon. It goes up a ways, it is a climb, but the reward at the top is well worth it. Here is a couple of pics...but go see for yourself. Groomed and ready to go. This will be a great weekend for cross country skiing at KNC. We got lucky, we got snow early. Not many places in the valley did. Come out and enjoy it. See you out there ! Thanks Wayne Gilbert for the pictures.

16 cm More Snow and the Big Cat was Out Again.

New snow at KNC again and our season base in getting bigger. Over 500 members and families have already registered for their seasons passes, almost half our last years membership already. Nice. New trail work was done this year to change some trails, widen some trails, bank some corners and even put in a whole new trail, Upper Landsem. It is a challenging climb but they say it has spectacular views that make the climb very worth while. I will post pictures tomorrow from the top. Happy skiing.

Masters Program...old folks...anyone over 19...ready to Get Going.

It is that time of year again! Tell your friends and come and join us for registration and socializing with old and hopefully new friends. We have a great program planned with some new instructors to introduce. Come out and join all friends and ask any questions you have about what we do, how we do it and how you can improve your skiing fun and fitness. Skate and classic are both fun. Hope to see everyone Nov 21 and or the 23rd. KNC Masters.

Rain in the Valley...New Snow at KNC.

The weather in Cranbrook and other places in the valley is less than inspiring this week but we thought we had to let you know the weather is MUCH better at Kimberley Nordic. Just kidding...a little. KNC did receive new snow last night and every bit helps contribute to our rising base depth. Temperatures below freezing every night and hovering around zero in the day are keeping the snow good and the skiing great, especially for this time of year. The Ginsu groomer is going out on a regular basis but it is not registering on the Live Grooming Reports yet. We will have that fixed soon. The Staff at the Kiosk always update conditions everyday on the Live Grooming Reports and I will do my best t

Saturday Nov. 11th, Rememberance Day.

Picture from Kiosk Staff from Friday Nov. 10th. Wonderful day for early season skiing. -2c degrees with no wind and partly sunny this great morning. With a 35 +cm base we are open for business!! The Snow Cat has been out this morning and groomed the main runs!! Centennial, Snowbird, Trapline, Spruce, Rollercoaster and Landsom have been set. Secondary trails have had a Ginzu run but a caution, they are still rough. The lodge is now open 9-9 daily and the Lights are now on for night skiing from dusk till 9 pm as well. We will be at the Kiosk from 9-5 from now on for you to come get your memberships or use the On line registration for memberships now available at Zone4 -Kimberley Nordic or go

Great Weekend Ahead for Cross Country Skiing. New Snow Again and Fully Open.

Picture from Friday, November, 10th. Staff of the Kiosk. Beautiful day. Snow again and the lodge, waxing hut and Kiosk are all fully open and the parking lot plowed. We have been grooming numerous times this week with the Ginso groomer but it not reporting on the Live Grooming report. We still need to hook up the GPS Tracking. Classic tracks and skate lanes are both groomed and firm. Have a great weekend skiing and please take a moment to stop and Remember with Pride those who have served our country. Thank you to them all.

Snow...lights...lodge...Kiosk Attendants updates. Nov. 9th.

Kimberley Nordic got snow VERY early this year and we are doing our best to keep up. Skiing this last weekend was great and very early. Even groomed. Twice. The Chalet is now open 9:00 am-9:00 pm every day and the lights are now on until 10:00 pm every evening too. Attendants will be at the Kiosk everyday 9:00-5:00 pm to register daily and seasons passes and the link to seasons passes Online through Zone4 has been corrected and the 2017-18 Online Registration Form has also been corrected and is accurate including the dates. More snow on the way soon too. See you out there !

Kimberley Nordic Racers skiing and racing on Frozen Thunder in Canmore.

The KNC Nordic Racers go to great lengths to find snow to ski on early in the ski season. Normally Frozen Thunder is just a ribbon of snow through green grass, but this year there seems to be early snow in a number of places in B.C. We are very lucky at KNC, we got about as much as any where in the whole Interior of B.C. Time to go skiing.

Coaching Courses Coming up at the Kimberley Nordic Club for Youth Leaders.

We need volunteers to help with our Jackrabbit and Track Attack Programs. Are you interested in becoming a youth leader or coach? We will provide you with the training required to take you to the next level and to become a youth coach. This year we really need parents and others to get involved. These programs are volunteer based and can only exist if there enough coaches to oversee the children. If you have enrolled your child or are considering enrollment, please consider coaching. Coaching is easy, rewarding and fun. Only a basic knowledge of skiing is required. These courses provide you with all the information needed to instruct young children even if you are a novice skier. The main fo

Snow, snow, snow...Open for Skiing and Groomed. Early Season Skiing Now.

Photo credit: Ross Guest Saturday November 4th-- SNOW!! and more forecast over the next 2 days..! With a 30 cm base we are conditionally open for business!! The snow cat has been out and main runs are groomed for classic and skate. Centennial, Snowbird,Trapline, Spruce, Rollercoaster and Landsom have been set. The snow is a little soft and a little slow, especially skate skiing but it is great to be cross country skiing at this early time of year. Caution ! There is still some equipment and work being finished on the trails so grab your rock skis and wax for sticky heavier snow conditions for a super early ski season start! Note: the lodge will not be open on Saturday due to a previous priva

Snow on the Ground at KNC. Some grooming has been done and we should ski this weekend. Nice...

Thursday, November 2nd-- SNOW!! and more forecast over the next 2 days..! There is already 15 cm and building ...subject to mother natures continued help we will be trying to get a single track set for the upcoming weekend ! The GPS for the Live Grooming Link has not been activated so it will not show up as groomed but our dedicated groomers are already out there. Caution ! There is still some equipment and work being finished on the trails so grab your rock skis and wax for sticky heavier snow conditions for a super early ski season start! Note: the lodge will not be open on Saturday due to a previous private booking event.. but the fire will be going in the waxing hut. We will be at the Ki

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