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Will this snow ever stop...hope

Friday March 10th- wow! It's Snowmaggeden!! The KNC received 14cm of snow overnight and it is still snowing! The temp is -3 with no wind. Right now they are just packing down the 3.2km loop and then will try to set the skate ski lane and one set of outer tracks for the 3.2km loop.

Come on up and get fresh tracks through 14cm of snow. Very serene and a great snow depth to enjoy fresh tracks. Take advantage of our extended season and keep on getting that great exercise!

Keep in mind that Sunday is another Full Moon and the night skiing is phenomenal when the full moon in shining her brilliance! Winter is still here officially so come on up and enjoy it! -terri

Thank You to all of the groomers who have done such a phenomenal job this year!

Note to SKATE SKIERS- With the steady small snowfalls we are trying to keep up with the grooming for both the skate and classic skiers. Skaters please respect the hard work the groomers are doing and do not 'skate" over the classic tracks. Especially with the soft snows the classic tracks are soft edged . Much appreciated !

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