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Time of day skiing...what?

Spring is finally here, although you can't tell by the tons of snow at Kimberley Nordic...but it is that time of year that the temperatures outside are below zero at night and above zero in the day. That effects our cross country skiing more than normal and those in the know use it to their advantage.

Here's how it works. Overnight temps make the snow harder and faster earlier in the day. And as mid-day comes around and if the sun comes out, the snow gets softer...and slower.

So those in the know, know that skiing earlier in the day is better, firmer snow, faster conditions and better glide. Classic and skate both. The staff in the kiosk say generally skiing before 1:00pm is usually better, unless it is very sunny and then even before noon is best.

LOTS more snow up at the Nordic Centre...lots more spring skiing...not a single bare spot in the place.

Happy spring skiing !

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