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KNC to Host a Level 1 Officiating Course, Oct.15th.

Kimberley Nordic is hosting a Level 1 Officiating course in October. This course is aimed at volunteers who help in the hosting of a cross country ski race, like KNC's Kootenay Cup. As Kimberley Nordic and the Kootenay Cup both develop and grow we not only need volunteers to help run our event but also qualified and certified volunteers.

This is a Cross Country Canada certification course designed to take volunteers to the next level in hosting a cross country ski race. This course is open to all clubs in the area. If anyone from KNC is interested in more detailed information about the course please contact Heather Lamson at or text 250-427-8778.

Winter is just around the corner but we still have a little more time before the Kootenay Cup.

Thank you.

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