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Done For This Season.April 1st.

Last report for the 2018-19 season !

Today, Sunday March 31st. Last day open.

And yes you can still do a lap or two ! There is now mud showing in front of the lodge but still plenty of skiable snow to be had and there are now some small bare spots that can be easliy walked around.

Conditions will be slower and softish. Grooming was done for the last time on Sunday.

Skiing is now Free. Come on out and get in a last ski or two. Not many people in Canada can say they have cross country skied in April. It may be a little bit of an adventure but well worth the effort to get out.

As of tonight the lodge will be closed. For information on booking the lodge please email at

The phone number will be out of service until next ski season!

"Ski " you later !

A fantastic season !

Thanks all for making this such a welcoming , family orientated, volunteer based, all around great X C ski destination !

A huge thank you to all the fantastic Volunteers,staff and executive which work hard to create such a fantastic facility for both local and visitors to the Kimberley area !

Well done !

Over and out for the season - Angela- Kristine- Terri-Andrea - "The Kiosk team ! "

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