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Late Friday Evening Update...Gorgeous Skiing Weekend Ahead...and SUN... Happy Spring Break Everyone.

Friday March 15th. Currently -3c with mostly sunny skies and no wind, wow.

Excellent is the report from classic and skate skiers on conditions so far.

So Come on UP! Love to see you up here! Big thanks to the Groomers yet again as most trails were tended to and tracks set!

The groomers were busy again this morning smoothing and packing trails for your use and pleasure. Please refer to our report on individual trails for details.

Over the past two days, the afternoons have been sticky for many skiers. This means we have reached that pivotal point of winter/spring skiing of finding that perfect window for softness and glide. Late morning & early afternoon skiing might be at its best during that window of time.

Again, please adjust your skiing to the conditions.

We love our skiing family to be Happy & Healthy!

Oh, and enjoy those birds...they are definitely here alongside the sun to help lift your spirits!

And a big Thank You to All who have helped make our club something to talk about! Your kindness & friendliness goes a long way to helping those who are visiting and/or are new to the sport have a Great Experience! Two Thumbs Up Kimberley!


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