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Friday Afternoon Update...More Snow.

Friday January 4th

Good Day to All of You.

It is presently -2 degrees and the snow has steadily been coming down with an overall accumulation overnight of 15 cm and still falling with a steady wind .

Positively wintery up here. The awesome groomers have been working on both main and secondary trails.getting both skate and classic in good shape.

With the warmer than average temperature and heavy accumulation of new snow conditions will be a bit slower.

The lodge is clean, warm and waiting for You Looking forward to seeing your smiles as you down the final hill!

News Bulletin! - A mother moose and her calf have been spotted several times on the trails this morning. The reports are the mother is very relaxed and has been moving off the track when skiers are around. If you see her please give her and her calf respect and space and don't get between her and her calf as a general rule.

Kootenay Cup Races Jan. 12 & 13th: Volunteers needed


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