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Snow Coming Soon...Some Already Here...Just not Enough Yet.

Winter is coming like it does every year...and we are just on the verge. Small amounts of snow have come to Kimberley Nordic twice now and the snow machine has been out and been rolling the snow to start to create a base for the season.

Kimberley Nordic is known for early snow and most years we get snow earlier than most places in the all of the East Kootenay. Last year we got lucky and had skiable snow by November 4th. We almost always have skiable snow before the end of November. We are just on the verge...

The Live Web Cam and the KNC Weather Station are both up and running. When we have skiable snow it will show up on the Live Grooming Report and will of course be reported right here on the News section.

Stay turned and keep your fingers crossed. Winter always comes...we just don't always know when...but most cross country skiers hope for it earlier than later.

Soon it will look like this...

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