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Mid-Winter Conditions in April...say it isn't so...IT IS !

Report at 03-Apr, 11:36AM MDT

Tuesday, April 3 - The conditions this morning are excellent!! Mid-winter conditions.

The Groomer has groomed the main runs and the snow is beautiful. Come on up. The temp is currently -6C with sunshine and no wind. Today's high is set to go to 4C. Have a great ski!

Update - 10:30 - Temp is -5C with a little breeze. The first skiers are coming in with rave reviews about the skiing... "perfect" "Beautiful" are what I'm hearing as they wiz by the kiosk.

What a day of skiing this is. If you would like to ski in conditions like mid January, come out this morning before the temp rises as you won't be disappointed. The trees are all snow covered and it is just beautiful up here.

Big smiles everywhere!

Good opportunity to get some good cardio training done today or on the flip side just get out and meander and ski and enjoy the fresh air and scenery.

Updates will continue throughout the day as skiers return from their ski and temperatures rise. Check Living Grooming Reports.

Wonderful skiing still..probably for several more weeks.

Get out there !!

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