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WOW...what a CRAZY weather day yesterday...ALL GOOD NOW !

Yesterday was one of the craziest weather days I have ever seen in Kimberley. At one point in the day the weather station read +10c and everything was melting everywhere.

The Masters group was planning a last minute video and indoor exercise session just to fill in. I came up for a ski at about 3:00pm.

Then everything changed.

Started a 6 km. loop skating, a little snow in the middle, not bad skating...then more snow, slower...then more snow, slower again. By the time I finished there was no longer a track to be seen and it was very slow. Then it got worse. Heavier snow still. Tried a little classic skiing in snow now 5-7 inches deep. Tested grip wax for 500 metres, came back and my next pair of skis were barely visible. Lots of snow now.

Now Friday and ALL trails are freshly groomed and track set. Skate will probably be a little soft but classic should be great...and the sun is out.

GREAT skiing weekend ahead ...and Family Day Long Weekend in B.C.

Enjoy your skiing this weekend !

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