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Another Great Week Coming...Fresh Grooming...Sun !!

Monday Jan 22nd- A good day to you All!!

The sun is breaking through the cloud, it is a comfortable -3 C and the big groomer is just finishing up on the main trails! Cardiac and Upper Landsom have also been groomed although it doesn't show on the Live Grooming Report.

Reports from early morning skiers indicate great conditions for both classic and skate skiing. It's another great day to be up and out!! There is a wind though so it might be wise to dress in layers as it is feeling more like -6 C.

And if you are having trouble getting it together today, a relaxing ski out on the trails can help set it worries, no busyness, just peacefulness and beauty.

Here's what a few recent skiers had to say about their experience out on the trails... "Wonderful ski trails!" "Gorgeous!" "Love this place!"

How's that for encouragement!!!

Wishing you all a Great Day!


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