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Saturday Update...Sunny and Crisp.

Saturday, December 23rd (9:15am)- It is currently -18C, warming up to a balmy -15C, bundle up, with clear sky and the sun is finally showing herself in her full glory! Yeah !

Trails were groomed this morning by the big groomer and believe it or not a few skiers are here already testing the conditions. I will update conditions as skiers return.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Upper Landsom is closed temporarily until further notice as a tree is down at the base of the trail creating a dangerous situation for any unwary skier.

The lodge is warming up beautifully with the fire blazing and I encourage you to stop by and stay awhile once you have skied, or take a break and head back out there!! . . .

As a side note, although the live grooming report indicates that Upper and Lower Cardiac are not groomed they have in fact been groomed today. For some reason our tracker has not picked this up.

I welcome all skiers, local and visiting to the Nordic Club And Kimberley. It truly is a paradise that we live and play in, and we love to Share!!

Have a safe and fun-filled day!


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