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Weekend Update...was a little slow...sorry...Skiing has Been GREAT this week.

Sorry folks, we have had some technical (internet stuff) difficulties this week.

The Live Grooming Reports app went down, even though grooming was still going on and the reports of more new snow did not get out.

Most things are now up and running and reporting again.

KNC received snow several times this week, even though none was in the forecast. We don't know where it came from...but we are glad we got it.

Both Masters sessions, Tuesday (classic) and Thursday (skate) had great snow conditions and new grooming both days. Lots of regulars and also new Masters out skiing.

We now have some of the best cross country skiing in the valley. One or two bare spots up top (K1-K2) but mid-winter conditions most other places.

Kimberley Nordic always reports conditions conservatively for skiers at the novice level so everyone is safe and can ski comfortably.

Hope you can get out skiing this weekend...I hope I can too.

Have a great weekend.


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