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Jackrabbit Program Kicked Off this Past Weekend.

Our Jackrabbit youth ski program kicked off this past weekend at KNC.

There was a couple of weeks of coaching courses, ski rental distribution and much hard work organizing by Dan Clark and other volunteers.

We are excited to have a large group of new certified coaches who have stepped up to help get us through the season and give local kids some great opportunities to have fun and learn cross country ski skills.

Pictures of the weekend Coaching Course, classroom and on snow too.

If you have children in our program please offer to lend a hand. Volunteer effort is what makes this program so great and allows us to keep registration fees low.

This year we have more than 50 kids in our Jackrabbits group and 16 in our Track Attack (9-12 years) group. One of the bigger groups in recent years.

That is a big group of skiing children and it would not be possible without the efforts of our many volunteers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And we hope you all have a lot of fun and lots of great skiing this winter.

Thank you again.


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