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Rain in the Valley...New Snow at KNC.

The weather in Cranbrook and other places in the valley is less than inspiring this week but we thought we had to let you know the weather is MUCH better at Kimberley Nordic. Just kidding...a little. KNC did receive new snow last night and every bit helps contribute to our rising base depth.

Temperatures below freezing every night and hovering around zero in the day are keeping the snow good and the skiing great, especially for this time of year. The Ginsu groomer is going out on a regular basis but it is not registering on the Live Grooming Reports yet. We will have that fixed soon.

The Staff at the Kiosk always update conditions everyday on the Live Grooming Reports and I will do my best to Highlight the Trail Conditions in this News Column before every weekend, early Friday if possible, so everyone can make thier skiing plans for the coming weekend.

Thanks and have a great early season.

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