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Coaching Courses Coming up at the Kimberley Nordic Club for Youth Leaders.

We need volunteers to help with our Jackrabbit and Track Attack Programs. Are you interested in becoming a youth leader or coach? We will provide you with the training required to take you to the next level and to become a youth coach.

This year we really need parents and others to get involved. These programs are volunteer based and can only exist if there enough coaches to oversee the children. If you have enrolled your child or are considering enrollment, please consider coaching.

Coaching is easy, rewarding and fun. Only a basic knowledge of skiing is required. These courses provide you with all the information needed to instruct young children even if you are a novice skier. The main focus of our youth programs is to provide fresh air, exercise and a fun atmosphere for the children.

There are two courses being offered:

The first level in Introduction to Community Coaching and Community Coaching for Jackrabbit leaders ages:

When: 4-9. Dec., 2017 1-3 at KNC.

For more information contact:

The next level is Learn to Train Dryland. Track Attack level, ages 9-13.

For more information contact:

Learn more about our Youth Programs here.

Thanking you in advanced for your interest in KNC youth.

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