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Snow on the Ground at KNC. Some grooming has been done and we should ski this weekend. Nice...

Thursday, November 2nd-- SNOW!! and more forecast over the next 2 days..! There is already 15 cm and building ...subject to mother natures continued help we will be trying to get a single track set for the upcoming weekend !

The GPS for the Live Grooming Link has not been activated so it will not show up as groomed but our dedicated groomers are already out there.

Caution ! There is still some equipment and work being finished on the trails so grab your rock skis and wax for sticky heavier snow conditions for a super early ski season start!

Note: the lodge will not be open on Saturday due to a previous private booking event.. but the fire will be going in the waxing hut. We will be at the Kiosk from 10-4 for you to come get your memberships or go to the On line registration for memberships now available at Zone4 -Kimberley Nordic or go to Kimberley Nordic and click the link!! See you soon!


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