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KNC AGM Wednesday, Oct. 18th, 7:00pm.

It is that time of year again to start thinking about the 2017/18 ski season... hopefully you have had a good summer (despite the heat and smoke) and are ready to change gears and think SNOW! Work will be commencing on the trails hopefully this week to prepare for the season and fulfill some of the work associated with the grant monies KNC received last Spring.

The KNC AGM is scheduled for Wed. Oct. 18 at 7:00 at the Lodge and we welcome and encourage all members to come out. There are positions available on our Executive and some new faces are certainly welcome and needed as some previous members will be resigning.

Kimberley Nordic is a growing and developing club and is one of the bigger clubs in all of British Columbia. We are very proud of our club and how we have grown over the last number of years but we have still maintained a small club atmosphere. We have many thriving programs that include Jackrabbits, Bunny Rabbits, Track Attack, Kimberley Nordic Racers, Masters, Biathlon, private and group lessons and many annual events. Kimberley Nordic is definitely the place to be and ski.

All KNC are invited to the AGM. Even at this event attendance grows every year. Ski season is coming. They say it may be a snowy one again. Cross your fingers, but good or bad we all know it always snows at Kimberley Nordic.

See you at the AGM, have a great fall.

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