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Thanks for the Great Season.

From us to you from Kimberley Nordic Club...thank you very much for this great ski season. Lots of weather, late start, then cold, then snow, snow, snow, then lots of other weather. Interesting season. Great grooming, new machines, the regular excellent groomers. Thank you from the bottom of our skiing hearts groomers. You are always there and the best.

And snow, maybe to the end of April, definitely past Easter this year, but we are closed as a Nordic Centre. The skiing will continue. The Kiosk is closed, the lodge is closed but the skiing goes on. Probably not groomed but lots of snow, crazy. This may be the year some members say they skied until May.

Live Ski Grooming Update. April 9th. That's a wrap folks. Another season, and it was a good one, is over. Thank you to all members, patrons and workers that made this season a success.

Trails are available for use. Ski with care and at your own risk. Donations for ongoing trail improvements always appreciated . Feel free to drop a donation in the "Blue Box" at the kiosk.


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