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Salomon and Gerick Sports Demo Day, Saturday, February 18th, 10-3pm

Gerick Sports and Salomon are hosting another XC Demo Day Saturday February 18th, 10-3pm. The Demo will feature the now famous Salomon Skin ski, the No-wax ski that glides well and is silent. If you have never tried it, this is your chance. Don't take our word for it, try them to see how different they are. AND THE NEXT YEARS NEW PINK SKIN RACE SKI WILL BE AVAILABLE TOO, SIZES 201 AND 206, NEW EVEN HIGHER PERFORMANCE SKI.

The Demo Day will also feature Skate ski equipment, so if you are looking to upgrade your equipment at some point, come out and try different models to see what better skis can do for you and if you have always wanted to try skate skiing but never have then now is also your chance.

UPDATE - an instructor will be on hand between 10-12 pm to help give people tips about skate skiing. Tony Hetu, an instructor from the Kimberley Nordic Masters will help skate skiers get started on the right foot. We thank Tony for volunteering his time for this event.

If you have a request for a Salomon XC ski product that you would like to try but it is not a Skin ski or a skate product then please email and we will do our best to have that product available to ski on.

Thanks and happy skiing in the mean time. Ski conditions are the best there have been in years at Kimberley Nordic. See you out there.

Check out this Salomon video on waxing your skin skis for even better performance.

Again, happy skiing !!

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