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New Work on the Stadium and Teaching Area.

The 2016 KNC Stadium Project is an undertaking to expand the area opposite the Lodge. Its intended purpose is to significantly increase the year-round usable area. The project is two fold: a) to transfer parking lot drainage water to Trickle Creek via a 239 ft, 18" diameter buried pipe that traverses the existing Stadium,

b) to relieve the ground water that facilitates the bog between the existing Stadium and Spruce trail with a deep conduit comprising drain rock and "Big O" and built upstream of the water transfer pipe.

It is hoped to complete the project landscaping this fall, but the project has been complicated by the unseasonably wet fall and ground conditions more boggy than anticipated. Perseverance and the right contractor for the job, Greenwood Trucking & Excavating, has resulted in the project achieving its technical result. Weather permitting, beautification will also be done this fall rather than awaiting next spring.

Thanks go to the City of Kimberley for providing Gerry Sorensen excess excavation material and the Columbia Basin Trust for providing some of the funding.

Below are some of the photos from the project.




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