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Let There Be Light!

There was light, but now the Kimberley Nordic Club has new light bulbs.

The 30-year-old overhead bulbs were replaced with newer ones received from the City of Cranbrook after an upgrade to LED. The club has over 36 km of trails and 3.5 km are illuminated for night skiing. On Saturday, September 24, Tony Hetu and Derm Kennedy were able change the 58 bulbs in less about four hours thanks to a lift from Sandor Rentals.

“Replacing the bulbs while it’s still nice out will mean they will need minimal maintenance during the winter, which can be difficult to access in the snow,” said Kennedy, President of the club. The club would like to recognize the City of Cranbrook and Sandor Rentals for their contribution.

With over 36 km of groomed trails, night skiing, a ski lodge, waxing facilities, the Kimberley Nordic Club is a destination for over 5,800 members and visitors annually. Recently they received a newer Prinoth Trail Groomer and are looking forward to the 2016/17 season.

Photos by Chris Newel

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