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Coaching Workshop: Learning 2 Train

October 20-22, 2023

Roller Skiing.png

Looking to take your coaching skills to the next level?


Gain the tools needed to create a fun, team-oriented environment for children to achieve their personal goals in sports and develop a lifelong interest in fitness and health benefits of cross country skiing. Coaches will learn how to deliver a well-rounded program with an emphasis on skill development to children 9 - 12 years of age.

The NCCP L2T (Dryland) Workshop is the fourth step in the NCCP progression. Coaches are taught about developmental age, physical literacy, team building, athletic components (aerobic fitness, speed, etc.), nutrition, how to design their own sport program, adventure-based activities (year-round), roller-skiing and planning a practice.

This course is available to all 2023-24 KNC Jack Rabbits and Track Attack coaches free of charge.

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