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KNC Dryland Training

About the KNC Lesson Program

The Kimberley Nordic Club has a full service weight room in the lodge, including 2 squat racks, a ski ergometer, kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, and Bosu balls. Our programs are led by certified strength and conditioning coaches that tailor programs specifically for Nordic skiing.

Spring Dryland Training

This 8 week program will focus on strength training and core. We will first rebalance the body in April as we start to shift seasons from XC skiing to other pursuits. May training will progress into higher loads. We will utilize strength training equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, squat racks, TRX, Bosu and Ski Ergs. A weekly strength training workout will be provided to participants to encourage multiple workouts per week.

Led by Heather Lamson, CANSI Level III Instructor and Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Location: KNC Weight Room (Day Lodge Basement)

Time: 5:30 - 6:45 pm

Dates: Tuesdays April 11 to May 30, 2023

Max Capacity: 8 (Must be a 22/23 KNC Member)

Cost: $100.00

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