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Monday Update, Bright and Sunny! More snow coming this week!

Monday DECEMBER the 10 th.

SUNSHINE ..fresh groomed trails .. only -6 this morning.. you cant get better than that (except for having a bit more snow which is maybe coming the next few days??).

The trails are beckoning so listen... and come on up. and get some vitamin D, fresh air,

exercise and a great attitude adjustment for the better!

Welcome one and all !

Please note the new parking lot layout. Parking on perimeter and please pull in fully and park as close as possible to the next vehicle .There are lots of us great skiers that want a place to park !

Hey ...did you know ..we have RENTALS, both classic ski sets and NEW-- SNOWSHOES !

Our trails are classified as "multi use:".. so whereas no walkers or dogs on trails during ski season. Snowshoers can share the trails on the far right or left of set tracks please do not walk down middle as that track is set for the awesome skate ski crowd.

Thanks to all for making this such a user friendly facility !

Your KNC kiosk staff.-..Angela, Kristine, Terri , Andrea-

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