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Friday Update...WONDERFUL !!

Friday, December 15th.

We have received 5cm of new snow in the last 24hrs and it is still snowing lightly. The temp is -6C, with no wind and cloudy skies.

Some trails were groomed yesterday. Check the Live Grooming Report today and tomorrow morning for the updates and comments.

As usual a fire is going in the lodge and hot beverages are laid out for your choosing.

We have a New LIVE weather station. Readings such as temp. winds and humidity can be viewed via a link on the KNC website or from a small monitor on the desk in the lodge.

Another addition is the new transaction machine allowing for debit card purchases. We really are on the move to make your total ski experience easy and fun.

I invite you to experience the beauty and serenity as you ski our many great trails. As one gentleman commented this morning, "It sure is pretty!"

Comments this Week: "Another amazing day" And Mount Baker Secondary School were here for a half day for "Outdoor Education" A Special Welcome to all of our school participants!

NOTE:- Don't forget to check out our New Live Web Cam located outside the front of the lodge.

Please watch your parking at busy times. Please do not park in front of any driveways or fire hydrants.

Looking forward to seeing you all up here enjoying the great outdoors.

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