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The Kimberley Nordic Club Board of Directors is a fun, empowering, and fulfilling team that is collectively responsible for: 

  • Furthering the work of KNC’s mission, vision and values; 

  • Providing oversight of club activities to support members, staff, programs and facilities;

  • Managing the work of the General Manager; 

  • Developing policies to support our members and the organization; 

  • Identifying and managing risks to the KNC; and 

  • Helping to ensure the success of KNC into the future.


Lori Craig - President

Once I got past the smell of my Dad ironing pine tar onto my first pair of cross country skis, I fell in love. In love with the bright whiteness and the community of winter that it brings. As an Instructor and Secretary for the Kimberley Nordic Ski Club I am offered the opportunity to pay back for all the tips I’ve received along the way. Both are roles that I embrace with joy and enthusiasm.


Morne Coetzee - Vice President

I was born and raised in South Africa and studied and practised law there before moving to Canada in 2011. I’m married, have two young boys, and work as a lawyer. Our family moved to Kimberley 5 years ago and we have a passion for everything active and outdoors, including cross country skiing. It’s a privilege and honour to serve the club and community as a board member.


Keri Rinehart - Secretary

I am interested in joining the KNC Board of directors to contribute to a centre and programs that brings so much value to our community. Nordic skiing is one of my favourite pastimes and I have been a member of the KNC for the past few years. Each year I appreciate the facilities, trails and positive environment even more. My career includes work in community development roles and initiatives, but also as a front line worker in health care. I welcome the opportunity to utilize my skills in planning and development, communication, problem solving, and working with groups/organizations.

Cristina Board.jpg

Cristina Borgogelli 

As a former event planner, marketing manager & travel coordinator, I have the skill set to assist in coordinating events at KNC and to help with initiatives, fundraising, strategic planning and governance guided by the Board of Directors. I have worked with numerous non-profits in Cranbrook to help support and promote their important fundraising efforts working with both small and large budgets and have worked with various Boards and community stakeholders to help fulfill their goals. All these past experiences culminated into an appreciation for the work involved in making communities into thriving hubs working together for a common goal and enriching our day to day lives. Volunteering is my way of being connected and providing valuable skills behind the scenes which contribute to the whole and making things happen that benefit the community and visitors.


Lil McPhail

I’m definitely a ‘Silver Skier’! I first joined KNC in the 70’s, and I’ve watched it evolve from a group of enthusiastic skiers with minimal resources to the outstanding facility that we enjoy today. I ski almost every day. I’ve coached Jack Rabbits, participated in Masters, and volunteered at the Kootenay Cup. I’m grateful for all that the Club provides to our community and to me personally. I offer my experience and enthusiasm, and am willing to help in any way I can.


Brent Jossy - Treasurer

I moved to Kimberley in 2008 with my wife Leah. We have two beautiful children who are both a part of the Jackrabbits program. We are an active Family who spend the majority of our time outside having fun and exploring the area. Kimberley has a strong community that is made up of givers, volunteers who dedicate time and passion to make this place special. I am a current KNC Jackrabbits and Freewheelers coach, hold other board positions and volunteer for other nonprofits. I have leadership experience in multiple finance roles and am currently the Manager of Kootenay Savings in Kimberley. I love skiing and I value this organization and what it has created. 

Rawley Board.jpg

Rawley Garrels

I have been an active member of KNC since moving to Kimberley in 1998. I love the Nordic Centre and spend a great deal of time there, skiing, berry picking, walking with my grandchildren, etc. I want the KNC to be there for my grandchildren to enjoy.  My family are all recreational skiers and enjoy the social side of Nordic skiing. I believe the club needs to find a balance between racing and recreational usage and believe that if I want to help achieve that I should involve myself in service. As a retired teacher, I have good group skills, am hard working and have solid organizational skills.

Jen Board.jpg

Jen Shaw

I’m interested in being a board member as I care about the Kimberley Nordic Center, and it is a big part of my family’s winter and summer lifestyle. My daughter is in Track Attack, son in Jack Rabbits and I am a Jack Rabbits coach. I hope to see the Nordic Center stick around in Kimberley a long time and ensure it grows with its community. I’m a secondary school teacher so I would like to think I have good communication and organizational skills.


Tim McKee

I purchased my first pair of classic skis when I moved to Kimberley in 2005 and became a member of the KNC. In the intervening years I added a pair of skate skis and took advantage of the Masters program to learn how to skate and improve my classic technique. I would like to give back to a wonderful organization that has given so much to myself and the community. My prior community involvement includes a treasurer position at the U of A ski club and Kimberley Search and Rescue winter team leader.

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