The Nordic Centre provides easy access for touring and snowshoeing in the adjacent Kimberley Nature Park or onto well used trails in the surrounding crown forest lands.


The Kimberley Nordic Centre (KNC) provides backcountry skiers and snowshoers access to numerous backcountry trails in the adjacent Kimberley Nature Park or Crown Forest lands. These trails are not officially designated, are not patrolled and are only user-maintained. They are not part of the KNC system and persons using them do so at their own risk. Users should have some backcountry experience, have suitable ski touring equipment and adequate clothing, water and snacks. Visitors can contact the KNC for more information and general trail conditions.


Suggested Routes


Musser’s Plateau and Back of North Star Mountain:


Departing from about mid-point along the KNC Landsem trial,at the Moes Canyon sign, climb into Moe’s Canyon. Once in the canyon take the Musser’s Plateau trail (turn left) up the backside of the ski hill to the top of North Star Mountain. There are several viewpoints along the way that provide views of Dipper Lake and St Mary’s Valley. The trail has some steep sections,but these are short. The trail is generally an intermediate climb all the way from Moe’s Canyon to the top. The top of the trail exits behind Kootenay House where you can rest and have a snack inside or on the deck while enjoying a panoramic view of Kimberley, the Kootenay Valley and the Rockies. Return to the Nordic Centre is via any one of the downhill runs on the front side of the North Star ski area. Find online maps here >>>

Nature Park and Round the Mountain:

At the far end of the KNC (Five Corners) there is a kiosk with a trail map of the Kimberley Nature Park (KNP) plus signage for Dipper Lake. Skiers can enter the KNP via Higgin’s Hill, a steep downhill ski to Army Road or take the trail to Dipper Lake which continues on to Horse Barn Valley (HBV). Numerous other trails connect with these well used routes.


At the western side of HBV there are signs for two other popular trails, “Around the Mountain”and “Front Boulevard”. Front Boulevard leads back to Army Road and eventually the bottom of Higgins Hill. A climb up Higgin’s Hill returns you to Five Corners and the KNC.


Persons wanting to venture Around the Mountain, the trail around North Star Mountain and ski area, should obtain detailed route information beforehand and travel with a touring experienced group. Find online maps here >>>

Trail Maps


Trail maps of the Kimberley Nature Park are available at several businesses in Kimberley, City Hall and the Chamber of Commerce (COC) tourist information office at the north end of the Platzl parking. The COC tourist information office is open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Saturday year around and is a good source of all information about Kimberley.

Trail maps are also available online on the Kimberley Trail Society website here >>>


If you are a pure backcountry aficionado check out Bates Photo to view what the area has to offer.

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